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Apartamentos Piedramar

Conil de la Frontera is one of the most charming towns on the Costa de La Luz in Cadiz. Its beaches, its unique character and the kindness and joy in its streets make this an exceptional destination.

In Conil, you can visit multiple hidden coves open to the Atlantic, or let yourself be carried away by the trails that lead to lighthouses and viewpoints with incredible views.

What to visit in Conil

Conil de la Frontera, besides being an ideal town for sun and sand tourism, has many attractions and very diverse plans.

Let yourself be haunted by the narrow streets of the historic centre and visit its Muslim-inspired monuments, such as the Church of Santa Catalina, the Torre de Guzmán or the Puerta de Cádiz.

On Fridays, try bargaining at Los Bateles flea market and buy souvenirs from the local craft stalls. If you prefer a gastronomic souvenir, do not miss the food market, where you can buy fish, fruits, sausages and alcauciles, the typical artichokes from Conil.

If you like hiking, we recommend you to walk one of the hiking trails in the area, such as the one that connects Conil with the Tómbolo de Trafalgar and the beach of El Palmar.

The coves of Levante

Very close to Apartamentos Piedramar, you can enjoy the Fuente del Gallo beach, framed by cliffs and with incredible sunsets that redden the horizon. With fine golden sand and calm waters, it is ideal for bathing.

Following the line of the coast, you will find a great variety of small coves with a lot of charm, known as the coves of Levante. Camacho, Sudario, Pitones, Melchor, Puntalejo and the well-known Cala del Aceite stand out.

Cala del Aceite, very close to the fishing port, can only be reached on foot and is very pleasant for sunbathing, since it is sheltered from the Levante wind.

You can also request a bike rental at reception to make this route pedalling.

The coves of Roche

On your trip to Conil, you cannot miss the coves of Roche, oriented to Poniente.

These small sandy areas have difficult access, but it is worth walking a few meters on foot to admire the beauty of the reddish cliffs.

We recommend visiting this area along the road from the port of Conil, leaving the car in one of the authorized parking spaces, to continue the journey walking.

These trails are very well prepared and form a very beautiful walk, where you can observe the coastal junipers, a plant in danger of extinction.

Gastronomy from Cádiz

You cannot leave Cádiz without trying some of the gastronomic specialties.

The shrimp tortillitas, the gazpacho and the pescaíto frito (fried fish) are some of the essential dishes, along with Almadraba red tuna in any of its elaborations: grilled, mojama, with onions...

In general, the fish in the area is usually very fresh and has excellent quality, so that dishes with sea products are always a good choice.

Cold meat is also a local delicacy, with multiple varieties for all tastes, such as black pudding, butter colorá or pork rinds.

For dessert, we recommend you try the sweets inspired by the Arab tradition, such as mantecados, alfajores, pan de Cádiz or rosquetes, paired with a local sweet wine.